Priority List (Penetang Minor Hockey Association)

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To request an unused ice slot, please email the [email protected] at least 72 hours in advance of an ice time being available.  Any requests made with less than 72 hours remaining until the ice slot is to occur will not be accepted unless the ice time has not yet been awarded.

When multiple teams request the use of an unused ice slot, the team with the highest priority will be awarded the ice and then moved to the bottom of the list for any subsequent requests (Exception:  If a team already has ice that day, then the team without ice that day will be given priority).

Current Priority List:
- U18 Rep (0)
- U18 AE (0)
 - U15 LL (0)
- U13 AE (0)
- U13 LL (0)
- U11 Rep (0)
- U9 (0)
- U11 LL (1)
- U13 Rep (1)
- U15 Rep (1) 

The following is a change list for practices being added, changed or removed.
Unused Ice Practice History (Penetang Arena):
- All U11-U18 teams given 1 extra practice between Oct 23 and Dec 19
- U11 LL - November 5th @ 2:05pm
- U13 Rep - November 6th @ 7:30pm 
- U15 Rep - November 20th @ 6:10pm

Bonus Ice Practice History (Port McNicoll):
- None Currently 
Team Cancelled Practice History:
- Oct 13 - U18 AE (1) - Lack of players
- Oct 17 - U18 Rep (1) - Coach's Decision